A Guide to Becoming a DJ

DJA deejay belongs to the world of mixing music. If you’re interested in learning how to become a DJ, or you are just curious about the whole mixing thing, then you have come to the right place. A DJ is a person who plays music records in a sequence, by cueing them and mixing them in and out. The process of combining these records takes a couple of aspects such as choosing the next record in the sequence, beat making, count bard and pressing play as well as equalizing.



Becoming a DJ

To become a DJ, first, you need to learn what DJs do. Determine your goals and learn the basic skill of using the mixing software. Next, you have to invest in some good hardware. This can be a budget-friendly DJ controller and record a mix. When you have the hardware ready, learn how to promote yourself by building a following and pursuing your gigs. With time, you will want to refine your skills, in a process that is never-ending. Becoming a DJ is not an easy route or an overnight success. It takes a lot of time, hustle and time.



You have to learn what DJs do. It first starts by determining what kind of DJ you want to become. First, we have a club DJ. Different clubs have a different feel, reputation, and audience. Clubs also are different regarding the music they expect from a DJ. Club DJs perform long transitions between songs.

We also have a turntablist. People normally go to see this type of DJ because of their name, their reputation. This reputation is based on what people think the DJ can do behind the decks. Then we have a mobile DJ, those who come to perform at weddings. They set the tone for corporate events and become the life of the party. Lastly, we have a radio DJ, those who mix music in radio stations.


Determining Your Goals

You have to determine your goal of becoming a DJ. What do you want to achieve? Is it out of pleasure, are you looking for a new career or you want to start a business? There are lots of reasons people choose to become a DJ, and you should identify your goals first. After you have set your goals, it’s time to explore the DJ software. The main platforms include Rekordbpx, Serato DJ Pro, and Traktor Pro. There are also other great options such as Virtual DJ, CrossDJ among others.

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