Best Ways to Prevent Buyer Remorse

There is nothing more satisfying than closing a deal on a preferably more expensive product and then sitting back to reflect on a job well done. However, if you can deliver an equipment transport machinery and it turns out is not according to customer’s expectations, you will have dreaded aftermath to deal with the issue. All of a sudden, the relationship you have cultivated with your customer over a long time comes crumbling. This is what we call buyer remorse.

What is buyer remorse?

Buyer remorse is a feeling of regret to making otherwise an expensive purchase, that ends up not meeting your expectations. It is a feeling that is often coupled with fear or stress and leads to a buyer wanting to immediately return the product. Buyer remorse should be your biggest nightmare. It is not always about the monetary value you get from a customer. You care about your customers and you want them to get a good experience from the purchase they make.

Here are some of the steps you can follow to prevent buyer remorse.

Provide value well in advance

Buyers want to know that you care more about what you are offering them and that you are not just there to make money. A customer relationship will blossom when the customer trusts that you have their best interest in your heart. This means building a relationship that is based on agreed-upon benefits. When you give them your word, you have to keep it. Doing so will make it less likely for them to have any regrets.

Set Expectations

Immediately after a purchase has been made, you need to explain to the customer verbally and in writing what they can expect to receive from you and your company. You can provide a document that lists how their accounts will be handled, how invoicing will work and any other important steps along the way. The most important thing is to ensure you don’t give your customers any false hopes. Never tell them about how a product will solve their problems when you are not sure it will surely do.

Send a thank-you note

You will have most likely expressed you thank you over the phone or in person. However, doing so will never be enough. What will make a lasting impression on a customer is a thank you note. In the note, you need to express how much you appreciate their decision to trust you and your company for the purchase they have made. The note should be handwritten and not typed. Mailing a tangible thank you note will make a big difference because not many people do that.

It is also important to provide your contact information to your customers as soon as possible. Most customers will expect that as soon as they hand over their credit card information and receive the order submission email, the company will stop caring about them. However, that should not be the case. You need to offer your customers a list of all relevant people who will be working on their accounts to ensure the success of anything they need.

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